[CentOS] CentOS 7.1 user login screen can't scroll up/down

Thu Apr 9 13:42:17 UTC 2015
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 04/09/2015 08:17 AM, Ole Holm Nielsen wrote:
> After we upgraded our CentOS 7.0 desktops to CentOS 7.1, a critical
> error in the graphical login screen has appeared on all 7.1 machines:
> We have 100+ users defined in /etc/passwd, and a list of names is
> presented on the initial login screen.  However, it's impossible to
> scroll up or down in this user list to select the desired user.  The
> middle mouse button seems to be disabled, so scrolling has become
> impossible!  One can use the left and right mouse buttons to select one
> of the users in view, but no one else.
> This seems definitely to be a critical bug in CentOS 7.1.
> Workarounds:
> 1. Log in non-graphically using Ctrl-Alt-F2, then run the command startx.
> 2. Trim down /etc/passwd to 1 (or a few) relevant users.

This is an upstream bug:


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