[CentOS] 6.5 install dvd won't - SOLVED

Mon Apr 13 15:54:05 UTC 2015
Chuck Campbell <campbell at accelinc.com>

On 4/8/2015 3:24 PM, Chuck Campbell wrote:
> When I boot a machine from disc 1 of 2, Centos 6.5 install dvd, I get to a
> grub prompt.
> I have no idea what to do from there, but clearly something isn't right.
> Shoudl I try to download centos 6 again and burn new discs?
> thanks,
> -chuck
> -- 

I (finally) understand the issues, which I will note here, in case someone else
needs the info in the future.

The installer from the DVD sees the disks in a different order than the machine
does when trying to boot itself. It turns out that the installer put the OS on
(HD3,6) with /boot on (HD3,0) when running from the DVD. When the machine tries
to boot, the OS disk is seen as (HD0,6) and /boot is (HD0,0).

I pulled the disks from my 3ware raid card, so the installer would see the boot
device as (HD0), did (another) clean install and the machine now can boot itself.

Unfortunately, somehow pulling the raid disks seems to have corrupted the
partition tables, and the machine no longer sees those filesystems... That is
for another thread.


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