[CentOS] Probs with Routing (CentOS7 , KVM)

Thu Apr 23 12:27:41 UTC 2015
Marcelo Ricardo Leitner <marcelo.leitner at gmail.com>


On 23-04-2015 08:50, Andreas.Reschke at mahle.com wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've installed a new KVM-Server. The routing in all instances are only
> working after "arp -s ip_of_router mac_of_router"
> Server: CentOS7, KVM
> Clients: CentOS6 and Fedora 21
> What going wrong?

Your report is not very clear. Is it just the routing from the guests 
that is not working? Because if you have to use that command, all 
routing from the server itself would also be jammed. And in that case, I 
would suggest doing a traffic capture on the bridge, bonding and its 
slaves if applicable to see where it's breaking. You may also consider 
switching to bonding Active/Backup mode (if not already) for