[CentOS] Skype on CentOS

Thu Aug 6 00:07:46 UTC 2015
Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca>

On 05/08/15 08:06 PM, Andrew Daviel wrote:
> I have Skype 2.1.0 running on CentOS 5, but it does not support video.
> At various times I have tried to install or run more recent versions on
> CentOS 5 and CentOS 6, but generally they fail for some reason, e.g.
> library requirements.
> We would like to run Skype in some conference rooms, for business
> reasons e.g. job interviews where some participants don't have access to
> more "professional" solutions, and as I recall Microsoft shut down
> gateways to H323.
> Does anyone have a good procedure for running Skype on CentOS ?
> E.g. does it run natively on CentOS 7 ?
> Or will it run with a custom LD_LIBRARY_PATH, as does Mozilla ?
> Or will it run inside a virtual machine, or with Wine ?
> We have video capture cards using V4L2 that work with e.g. SeeVoghRN,
> xawtv and, I think, Ekiga.

If you're not stuck on CentOS 5...


To the point, works.

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