[CentOS] CentOS7 KDE - post-boot splash screen

Mon Aug 17 02:19:58 UTC 2015
Mike - st257 <silvertip257 at gmail.com>

Hello List Members,

I decided to install C7 KDE on a workstation for a friend of mine. Works
great, but the post-boot KDE splash screen (light blue and has 3 or more up
^ arrows that move from the lower center upwards) is a bit of a frustration
for that person. I've determined that one can press the Escape key and move
from that bluish splash to the login screen. (And at one point rolling the
wheel on the mouse worked too, but didn't consistently cause the transition
from splash to login screen.)

At this point I think it's more ideal to just disable the splash screen and
instead have the system go straight to the login screen (where user names
are listed). Can that be done?

Here's to hoping a KDE user or two on this list knows a solution. ;-)

//  SilverTip257  //