[CentOS] Firewalld zone conflict

Fri Dec 4 15:11:03 UTC 2015
Colin Coles <colin at wemoto.com>

On 04/12/15 15:01, James Hogarth wrote:
>>  In CentOS7 I have added two zones using firewall-cmd, each for
>> different ports/services and interfaces when I try to --add-source to
>> the second zone with an IP that is already in the first I am getting an
>> 'Error: ZONE_CONFLICT' message. Am I trying to do something illogical or
>> is this a feature?
> By design a source network can only belong to a single zone...
> You'll have to create N zones to cover each network and add the service to
> each...
>  You may be interested in reading https://www.hogarthuk.com/?q=node/9 if
> you are doing some firewalld stuff.

OK thanks, I see the error of my reasoning now.