[CentOS] wifi on servers and fedora [was Re: 7.2 kernel panic on boot]

Wed Dec 9 13:54:56 UTC 2015
James B. Byrne <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca>

On Tue, December 8, 2015 11:05, Matthew Miller wrote:

>> I have been bitten by things done in Fedora that only have any use
>> on
>> a laptop and that should never have been allowed into a server
>> distribution.  But I cannot see how I would have been aware of them
>> until they manifested themselves on equipment under my care.  By
>> which
> ^ right, this.
>> time it is rather too late to influence the decision to include
>> them.
> Well, not if you get involved early. That's the point.
> If you don't *want* to, that's fine, but there's only so much
> complainy cake that you can have and eat at the same time.

So, the implication of your suggestion, if I understand it aright, is
that I should audit all of the communication forums in use by Fedora
developers and then point out whenever any of the many dozens or
hundreds of contributors introduces something that in my opinion may
impact a server installation.  To do this I am required to obtain such
intimate personal knowledge of the internal workings of the
distribution as to be able to identify these items as soon as they are
introduced.  naturally, I am also supposed to be able to immediately
identify the negative impact of these things and prepare and present a
cogent argument against their adoption or propose patches to correct
the deficiencies that I believe that I have detected.

I am to do this whilst running a CentOS installation that will not
allow Fedora onto the premises.  SO, no doubt, the intent is that I
should run Fedora on my home systems and work diligently in my off
hours to protect any future version of CentOS from that vantage.  And
of course, if I miss something then it is my fault for not having paid
enough attention to that item.

Am I correct?

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