[CentOS] Upgrade from CentOS6.6 to CentOS 7

Tue Dec 15 21:47:35 UTC 2015
Peter <peter at pajamian.dhs.org>

On 16/12/15 05:00, Traiano Welcome wrote:
> I'm aware and appreciative of these risks. However, given the unique
> situation I need to address, it's worth spending the time needed to
> attempt this.
> If some tweaking, and a moderate amount of head-wall contact is
> required, that's ok.

What "unique situation"?  It's probably not as unique as you think.

> If there is any method that provides a reasonable approximation of
> success, I'd be thankful if you could point me to it.

1.  Install CentOS 7 clean on a separate machine or VM.

2.  Port your apps and data over testing as you go.