[CentOS] File Share Problem Between SAMBA AND WINDOWS 7

Thu Dec 17 09:37:39 UTC 2015
Erkin Aka <erkinakaege at yahoo.com>

I have tried your suggestion yesterday, i installed nfs-utils which are explained on this url (howtoforge).
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| NFS server and client installation on CentOS 7NFS server and client installation on CentOS 7 This guide explains how to configure NFS server in CentOS 7.0 Network File System (NFS) is a popular d... |
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But i have mounted my home folder but the i have same problem again.
also i have edited my /etc/idmapd.conf file like; 

[General]#Verbosity = 0# The following should be set to the local NFSv4 domain name# The default is the host's DNS domain name.Domain = server1.gebzememc.net
# The following is a comma-separated list of Kerberos realm# names that should be considered to be equivalent to the# local realm, such that <user>@REALM.A can be assumed to# be the same user as <user>@REALM.B# If not specified, the default local realm is the domain name,# which defaults to the host's DNS domain name,# translated to upper-case.# Note that if this value is specified, the local realm name# must be included in the list!#Local-Realms = 
Nobody-User = egeNobody-Group = ege
# Translation Method is an comma-separated, ordered list of# translation methods that can be used.  Distributed methods# include "nsswitch", "umich_ldap", and "static".  Each method# is a dynamically loadable plugin library.# New methods may be defined and inserted in the list.# The default is "nsswitch".Method = nsswitch
# Optional.  This is a comma-separated, ordered list of# translation methods to be used for translating GSS# authenticated names to ids.# If this option is omitted, the same methods as those# specified in "Method" are used.#GSS-Methods = <alternate method list for translating GSS names> #-------------------------------------------------------------------## The following are used only for the "static" Translation Method.#-------------------------------------------------------------------#[Static]
# A "static" list of GSS-Authenticated names to# local user name mappings
#someuser at REALM = localuser

#-------------------------------------------------------------------## The following are used only for the "umich_ldap" Translation Method.#-------------------------------------------------------------------#
# server information (REQUIRED)LDAP_server = server1.gebzememc.net
# the default search base (REQUIRED)LDAP_base = dc=server1,dc=gebzememc,dc=net
#-----------------------------------------------------------## The remaining options have defaults (as shown)# and are therefore not required.#-----------------------------------------------------------#
# whether or not to perform canonicalization on the# name given as LDAP_server#LDAP_canonicalize_name = true
# absolute search base for (people) accounts#LDAP_people_base = <LDAP_base>
# absolute search base for groups#LDAP_group_base = <LDAP_base>
# Set to true to enable SSL - anything else is not enabled#LDAP_use_ssl = false
# You must specify a CA certificate location if you enable SSL#LDAP_ca_cert = /etc/ldapca.cert
# Objectclass mapping information
# Mapping for the person (account) object class#NFSv4_person_objectclass = NFSv4RemotePerson
# Mapping for the nfsv4name attribute the person object#NFSv4_name_attr = NFSv4Name
# Mapping for the UID number#NFSv4_uid_attr = UIDNumber
# Mapping for the GSSAPI Principal name#GSS_principal_attr = GSSAuthName
# Mapping for the account name attribute (usually uid)# The value for this attribute must match the value of # the group member attribute - NFSv4_member_attr#NFSv4_acctname_attr = uid
# Mapping for the group object class#NFSv4_group_objectclass = NFSv4RemoteGroup
# Mapping for the GID attribute#NFSv4_gid_attr = GIDNumber
# Mapping for the Group NFSv4 name#NFSv4_group_attr = NFSv4Name
# Mapping for the Group member attribute (usually memberUID)# The value of this attribute must match the value of NFSv4_acctname_attr#NFSv4_member_attr = memberUID


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Erkin Aka wrote:
> i have installded samba 4 oncentos 7 and started to use as part of active
> directory. But i have a problemabout sharing files between samba and
> windows 7.
> i can browse and edit sharedfiles and folders on windows 7.
> But when i create a new folder, the owner of the folder is seen as
> “#User300012”instead of the real samba user.

Question: In Linux, are you sharing these via NFS as well? If so, when it
mounts, is it mounted as nobody:nobody?

If so, you need to fix /etc/idmapd.conf. First, add your Domain =
<whatever>. Then, uncomment Method = nssswitch. Finally, comment out the

After doing that, nfs-idmapd -c clears the cache, and restart nfs-idmapd
and autofs. See if that helps.

Beyond that - I really don't begin to know samba well enough, but I
*think* there's a line in the configuration related to ownership and uids


> My sharing steps
> 1-     i have add a user named “ege” on centos and addhim on samba with
> smbpasswd -a ege
> 2-     and iedited the permissions of the home folder of  “ege” with chmod
> 777
> 3-     mysmb.conf file
> [homes]
> browseable = yes
> writeable = yes
> valid users = %S
> read only = No
> 4-     i logged on Windows 7 with user SERVER\ege, andi can browse shared
> folders. But when i create a folder in shared folder on Windows7 the owner
> of the folder is seen as “#User300012”. but the user name is “ege”on
> centos and samba.
> How can i fix thisowner of folder problem. Because of this problem i can’t
> use the quota forusers.
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