[CentOS] routing with 2 public ips

Tue Dec 29 15:18:49 UTC 2015
Eliezer Croitoru <eliezer at ngtech.co.il>

On 28/12/2015 22:47, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> Can you explain what you mean?  Not only am I not assuming that, I can
> hardly conceive of any situation in which a host will receive traffic
> for its own gateway.

... Basic 1:1 NAT ... you have two gateways while you have two ip 
addresses or one on the interface.
Just to illustrate the issue: AWS instance with two interfaces which 
have two ip addresses NATTED to them by AWS front tier using some kind 
of virtual gateway.


* Now I am sure that you didn't understood the situation\network as I am!