[CentOS] CR getting 7.2 packages......

Wed Dec 2 21:29:16 UTC 2015
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

Heads-up to everyone: CR is getting CentOS 7.1511 (aka '7.2') 
packages..... just updated using CR, and, yeah, GNOME 3.14 is a bit 
different from 3.8...... several things are in different places on the 
screen.  I did have to re-setup my triple monitor settings to have the 
laptop's display in the center and the two other displays as one on the 
left and one on the right.

The good side is that nothing major seems to have broken.

Update for me was 1,260+ packages totaling about 1.3GB and taking a 
grand total of about 25 minutes, start to finish (prior to the reboot).  
Hardware is a Dell Precision M6500 Core i7 740QM with 20GB of RAM, all 
but /home on a 256GB SSD with /home on an HGST 1TB HDD.

Kudos to the build team for the quick turnaround, and for the CR repo.