[CentOS] File Share Problem Between SAMBA AND WINDOWS 7

Tue Dec 15 13:04:16 UTC 2015
Erkin Aka <erkinakaege at yahoo.com>


i have installded samba 4 oncentos 7 and started to use as part of active directory. But i have a problemabout sharing files between samba and windows 7.

i can browse and edit sharedfiles and folders on windows 7. 

But when i create a new folder, the owner of the folder is seen as “#User300012”instead of the real samba user.

My sharing steps

1-     i have add a user named “ege” on centos and addhim on samba with smbpasswd -a ege

2-     and iedited the permissions of the home folder of  “ege” with chmod 777

3-     mysmb.conf file

browseable = yes
writeable = yes
valid users = %S
read only = No

4-     i logged on Windows 7 with user SERVER\ege, andi can browse shared folders. But when i create a folder in shared folder on Windows7 the owner of the folder is seen as “#User300012”. but the user name is “ege”on centos and samba.

How can i fix thisowner of folder problem. Because of this problem i can’t use the quota forusers.