[CentOS] Setting up PXE server

Thu Dec 17 23:50:29 UTC 2015
david <david at daku.org>


On a lark, I am trying to set up a PXE server so I can use network 
boots to load new computers {some of which are virtual) at 
home.  It's more of an intellectual exercise than a work 
necessity.  I've read several "how to" documents, and even the one on 
the RedHat site doesn't help.  (For example, it refers to 
/etc/xinet.d instead of /etc/xinetd.d, and the careless references 
continue elsewhere.)

My goal is to make it possible to load a computer using network boot 
with the equivalent of the "net-install" of Centos 7.  My gateway 
computer serves as a DHCP and (internal) DNS server for my in-house 
machines.  Are there any good references, or working examples I could look at?

My gateway is running Centos 6, but I'm hoping the model will work 
when I convert the gateway to Centos 7.