[CentOS] playing DVDs on C7

Fri Dec 18 01:33:17 UTC 2015
Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

Hi all!

I'm trying to finish setting up my newly upgraded C7 system.

It's on the same hardware I ran C6 on for several years. on C6 I had no
trouble playing DVDs (after installing tons of packages and libdvdcss).

Well, on C7, I've got totem (videos) and all its plugins I can find
via yum, VLC (from nux) all the gstreamer and gstreamer1 packages I
can find, everything with "dvd" in its name, including libdvdcss from

vlc will kinda play movies, i.e., moving garbage appears on the screen,
sometimes it'll resemble something from the movie, but most of the time
not so much. I can't figure out what's missing here.

Totem played a movie for me this afternoon, flawlessly, but now I can't
get it to do anything. sometimes it starts up as a plain gray box with
no borders, no controls, no nothing, and has to be killed. sometimes it
draws the player controls but never starts playing.

I've got two DVD drives, one of them replaces a broken one, but the
other one has been there for 2-3 years. 

I've been googling for hours, but haven't turned up anything that I
haven't already tried.

I'd appreciate suggestions. thanks in advance!

here's some yum listings of things I have installed:

yum list installed | grep -y dvd
dvd+rw-tools.x86_64                   7.1-15.el7                     @anaconda  
libdvdcss.x86_64                      1.2.13-1.el7.nux               @nux-dextop
libdvdnav.x86_64                      4.2.0-8.el7                    @anaconda  
libdvdread.x86_64                     4.2.0-6.el7                    @anaconda  
radvd.x86_64                          1.9.2-9.el7                    @base 

yum list installed | grep -y vlc
vlc.x86_64                            2.2.1-6.el7.nux                @nux-dextop
vlc-core.x86_64                       2.2.1-6.el7.nux                @nux-dextop
vlc-extras.x86_64                     2.2.1-6.el7.nux                @nux-dextop

yum list installed | grep -y totem
totem.x86_64                          1:3.14.3-5.el7                 @cr        
totem-nautilus.x86_64                 1:3.14.3-5.el7                 @cr        
totem-pl-parser.x86_64                3.10.5-1.el7                   @cr

yum list installed | grep -y gstreamer
PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin.x86_64    1.0.7-5.el7.centos             @cr        
gstreamer.x86_64                      0.10.36-7.el7                  @anaconda  
gstreamer-ffmpeg.x86_64               0.10.13-15.el7.nux             @nux-dextop
gstreamer-plugin-crystalhd.x86_64     3.10.0-11.el7                  @epel      
gstreamer-plugins-bad.x86_64          0.10.23-5.el7.nux              @nux-dextop
gstreamer-plugins-bad-free.x86_64     0.10.23-20.el7                 @anaconda  
gstreamer-plugins-bad-nonfree.x86_64  0.10.23-2.el7.nux              @nux-dextop
gstreamer-plugins-base.x86_64         0.10.36-10.el7                 @anaconda  
gstreamer-plugins-good.x86_64         0.10.31-11.el7                 @anaconda  
gstreamer-plugins-ugly.x86_64         0.10.19-17.el7.nux             @nux-dextop
gstreamer-tools.x86_64                0.10.36-7.el7                  @anaconda  
gstreamer1.x86_64                     1.4.5-1.el7                    @cr        
gstreamer1-libav.x86_64               1.0.6-1.el7.nux                @nux-dextop
gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free.x86_64    1.4.5-3.el7                    @cr        
gstreamer1-plugins-base.x86_64        1.4.5-2.el7                    @cr        
gstreamer1-plugins-good.x86_64        1.4.5-2.el7                    @cr        
gstreamer1-plugins-ugly.x86_64        1.0.6-2.el7.nux                @nux-dextop

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