[CentOS] systemd-sysctl not running on boot

Tue Dec 22 14:56:24 UTC 2015
Ofer Hasson <hassonofer at gmail.com>

Hey all,

After upgrading to CentOS 7.2, non of my servers run systemd-sysctl on boot.
So far, I tried running manually /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-sysctl, it runs
smoothly and updates all the parameters.
I also ran sysctl --system, which also executes successfully.

I checked within systemd, and systemd-sysctl is wanted by the
sysinit.target which is wanted by the multi-user.target - the one I boot

I can't find anything by doing journalctl | grep sysctl
Or by looking through /var/log/messages (I run rsyslog as well).

Any idea's ?