[CentOS] Hardware raid LSI Megaraid not working since Centos 6.6

Mon Jan 5 15:14:39 UTC 2015
Philippe BOURDEU d'AGUERRE <bda at aime-toulouse.fr>

Happy new year !

We have a SuperMicro server with a LSI MegaRAID 9260-4i controller.

Since Centos 6.6 update (kernel 2.6.32-504), the controller doesn't 
initialize at boot. Reverting to kernel 2.6.32-431 allows server to boot 

The server can't boot due to a bug in LSI megaraid module. Boot log ends 
by a lot of lines:

RESET_GEN2: retry=xxx, hostdiag=a4

I tried Centos 6.6 install disk and it also fails to find disks but 
Centos 7 install disk boot fine.

It's annoying to be stuck at 2.6.32-431 kernel and I have no idea how to 
solve this issue :-(

Thanks for any help.
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