[CentOS] Question about Neighbour Table Overflow.

Thu Jan 8 15:38:46 UTC 2015
zhen wang <wangzhenaaa7 at gmail.com>

Hi, all

When use Centos 6.5,kernel version 2.6.431, I have continuous messages of
"Neighbour table overflow" in messages.
I have modified the gc_thresh1(512)  , gc_thresh2 (2048) gc_thresh3 (4096)
in /proc/sys/net.. path, But the messages occurs occasionally.

some forum saied:
They are probably realted to a kernel bug where the thresholds are in fact
only half of the value that is set. See

I didn't figure it out whether it is a bug and it is fixed . Why did this
happen?  Who can give me hand.