[CentOS] Probing EDD (edd=off to disable)

Thu Jan 8 18:51:35 UTC 2015
Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

Hi all!

Running Centos-6.latest on an AMD six-core Vishera processor. It's
been running for a year on that hardware.

today I swapped out the video card (from Nvidia 9800GT to Nvidia 460 GTX)
hoping to get a little more horsepower, and the ability to run the
Folding At Home GPUclient.

I know that's an old card, it's a hand-me-down from my son who just
replaced it with a new 970 GTX card.

So, I got the hardware installed, close up the case, connect all the
cables, boot it up and booting stops with this message on the screen
in plain text mode:

	Probing EDD (edd=off to disable)

I can reboot and edit the kernel commandline to add "edd=off" at the
end then it comes up all the way.

I haven't made any changes in the Nvidia drivers, because nvidia's
web site tells me it uses the same driver as the 9800GT card did.

I'm using the RPMs from elrepo, so it uses akmod to do a rebuild when
a new kernel is installed. But I didn't install a new kernel, so it
didn't get rebuilt, and I'm wondering if that's the cause of the
problem... different card works with the same driver version but may
need recompiling due to the different hardware ?????

If so, I don't think I know how to force akmod to do the rebuild.
Thoughts/or actual knowledge on this would be appreciated.

Also, among the googling I did, I found one posting that said that message
means an unexpected (DOS??) interrupt occurred, but it did't  help me
any with how to resolve it.

Your suggestions will be welcomed, thanks in advance!

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