[CentOS] gdbm update and GDBM_File

Fri Jan 16 08:57:00 UTC 2015
Stijn De Weirdt <stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be>

hi all,

i'm stuck debugging a problem that appeared after this update made it to 
our systems: 

GDBM_File fails simple operation (which works with 1.8.0-36 of gdbm)

could someone with same perl and gdbm confirm the issue via simple 
script below? (would help me narrow down if this is something specific 
on our site or not)

 > # rpm -q perl gdbm glibc
 > perl-5.10.1-136.el6_6.1.x86_64
 > gdbm-1.8.0-37.el6.x86_64
 > glibc-2.12-1.149.el6_6.4.x86_64
 > glibc-2.12-1.149.el6_6.4.i686

output of script with 1.8.0-37:
> Adding data to tie
> gdbm store returned -1, errno 0, key "1" at ./t.pl line 11.




use GDBM_File;

my $file = "/tmp/x.db";
my %out;
tie(%out, 'GDBM_File', $file, &GDBM_WRCREAT, 0644)
     or print "can't tie $file DB: $!";

print "Adding data to tie\n";

print "Going to untie\n";

untie(%out) or print "can't untie $file DB: $!";