[CentOS] Another Fedora decision

Fri Jan 30 21:13:17 UTC 2015
Scott Robbins <scottro at nyc.rr.com>

So, probably some of you, at least, follow Fedora, perhaps in part to see
what new desktop user oriented decision will make it into the next version
of RHEL/CentOS.

You may have noticed how if Fedora, by some odd scheme, deems your password
unworthy, you have to click Done two times.  

So, the latest Ananconda takes this one step further. Passwords that the
system considers weak will no longer be allowed.  While this will probably
only be a minor inconvenience, (add 3 bangs to the end or something equally
meaningless), a few on the fedora-testing list, including myself, think
it's just one more solution seeking a problem. 

At present, I don't know where one can lodge a protest.  Hopefully, someone
will care enough to file a bugzilla RFE.

Others may think it's a great idea--at last, users can't install with a
password of 1234.  

Anyway, as part of their push for it is that no one minds it, thought I'd
mention it here, as many of the desktop oriented decisions get into Fedora,
then into RH and it's already too late.

Scott Robbins
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