[CentOS] how to delete a trashed kernel

Sat Jan 3 16:38:39 UTC 2015
Don Vogt <dnvot at yahoo.com>

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On Jan 1, 2015, at 3:49 PM, Don Vogt <dnvot at yahoo.com> wrote:

> when I select  the second kernel it boots OK. Now I would like to remove the bad kernel.

The only thing that makes this tricky is that you can?t just say ?rpm -e kernel? because there is more than one ?kernel? package installed.  You need to know the exact package name.

>> I?m assuming you?re using EL7 and you told it you wanted your user to be a >> trusted admin during install.  Otherwise, you might need to su up to root to do >> this.  Alas, sudo is not universal:


> I have never noticed a "centos-plus" in a kernel name before. Does the centos-plus repo deal out kernels?

>>Clearly, the answer is ?yes?.


>> I would appreciate any advice (except "go back to windows?)

>You asked for it: Get and read some good books on Linux.

 I had some books on Unix when I started with Slackware. I downloaded it over Ftp from MIT, I believe it was Slackware 0.8. (maybe 1.0). It came on about 25 floppy disks and (with a 300baud modem) I could only do about two a night. I believe I got in trouble this time while building a centos7 partition. I had some problems getting the music to play and I went back and forth between centos6 and centos7 to see what packages I need (Centos6 was working fine). I think my initial problem was that Rpmforge doesn't have centos7.
Thanks for the help. Centos6 and centos7 are now working fine (except 7 only boots about every other try- which I am still working on - I think the bios boot my Hard drives in somewhat random order and I haven't been able to come up with the proper system map -- or it may be a mixup with two SATA drives and an IDE. Pulling the power plug on the IDE drive fixes it.) I will go back to lurking.