[CentOS] When will CentOS Publish Errata?

Mon Jan 5 00:00:44 UTC 2015
Somers-Harris, David | David | OPS <david.somers-harris at mail.rakuten.com>

> However, luckily, Gmane archives everything just fine.
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.centos.devel/12370/focus=12375

Thanks Steven for bringing this thread to my attention.
So it looks like there was already a discussion about this in September, and it ended with two action items.

1. Write code to automatically put the following into updateinfo.xml
  a. Link to RH web site
  b. List of packages that are updated
  c. CESA, CEBA or CEEA number which flags the type of fix as bug, security or enhancement.

2. Figure out how and where to store previous errata content.

The final comment on the thread "Erata in the Repo" was Kevin Strange saying he would look into #1, and also him asking everybody what the best way to do #2 is.

Does anybody know if Kevin has had any luck with #1? Would it be better if I revived that thread or is it fine to discuss here?