[CentOS] C-6, Gnome question

Sat Jan 10 00:07:38 UTC 2015
Bill Maltby (C4B) <centos4bill at gmail.com>

On Fri, 2015-01-09 at 15:17 -0500, Fred Smith wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 09, 2015 at 02:34:38PM -0500, Bill Maltby (C4B) wrote:
> > On Fri, 2015-01-09 at 09:17 -0500, Fred Smith wrote:
> > > Hi all!
> > > 
> > > Using the default Gnome desktop on Centos-6, I keep having difficulty
> > > getting the mouse pointer to lineup exactly on the edge/corner of a
> > > window when I want to resize the window. It seems that you have to 
> > > have it on a line exactly one pixel in width, and I'm finding it
> > > increasingly hard to do (who, me? getting old? nah!)
> > <snip>

> > > Wondering if there is a gnome setting somewhere among the myriad
> > > settings that could be used to configure the accuracy with which
> > > the mouse pointer must be placed so one can grab edges of things.
> > > I've dug thru the settings in the Gnome configuration editor, but
> > > so far nothing leaps out at me.
> > > 
> > > Can anyone offer advice?
> > 
> > Have you gone into System->Preferences->Mouse and changed some of the
> ><snip>

> Thanks for the reply.
> I've got acceleration all the way to the slow end, sensitivity all the way
> to the low end, drag and drop threshold all the way to the small end,
> and I've tried them all at other settings, too, to no avail.
> trying to grab the edge of a window feels like the grabbable region
> is only one pixel (or maybe one "mickey") wide and it's still hard nto
> place the pointer right on it. I may be getting old, but I don't
> have any palsy/tremor problems.

Well, that's the limit of my offerings. I'm still trying to find the
thing I used back in C5(?) that raised the panels when the mouse hovered
over it for X seconds. With C6 I can't find it anymore and it switches
way too fast.

I recall some folks mentioning something like "gnome-config" or similar
and I figure that'll be my next attempt. I looked to see if there was
anything in the drop-downs from "System" to see if anything else jumped
out. I didn't see anything about border widths. There's a "Desktop
Effects" that I don't know if that has any effect on your problem:
System->Preferences->Desktop Effects. Has some text in it about 3D
hardware acelleration.

You know wht? I'm thinking it's something to do with the mouse driver.
Usb mouse? ISTR some "jerkiness" in that human interface stuff in the

One other (likely?) difference that may be making my unit better
behaved. I have gpm installed so that I can C&P on text-based standard
terminals (console tty). I've noticed that when X or Gnome starts up it
seems aware.

You might want to try installing gpm, have it start up on boot and see
if that helps. Not a true solution, but may be a work around until the
true solution is found.