[CentOS] Help with IPv6 /48 block

Sun Jan 11 05:16:27 UTC 2015
F. Mendez <fmendez73 at terra.com>

El 11/01/2015 a las 12:10 a.m., John R Pierce escribió:
> On 1/10/2015 8:38 PM, Gordon Messmer wrote:
>> On 01/10/2015 08:10 PM, F. Mendez wrote:
>>> Hello. Yes I confirm...its a /48 (this guys are crazy here at my 
>>> work...).
>> It's not crazy, that's the standard deployment for a building. It's 
>> almost certainly not possible to use all of the addresses in such a 
>> space, but that's the point.  IPv6 is intended to eliminate address 
>> scarcity. 
> yes, but whats crazy is the OP's original request, he apparently 
> thinks he wants a lan alias on every single IP....
>> It happens that at the company I'm working decided to start migration 
>> of IPs tech.
>> So they got a /48 block. I were trying to add it with:
>> ifcfg-eth0-range1 (0 is already in use with IPv4 range):
>> IPV6ADDR_END=xxxx
>> But of course I am assuming that like in IPv4 IPADDR_START/END is 
>> implemented.
>> Please give some guidance as I need this to done already and the hole 
>> /48 must be available and virtualized. 
Well I was trying to figure out a simple way to have it done. As it 
works on IPv4 I thought to give it a try :)

Hopefully you guys that have more expertice on this may share a better