[CentOS] 2460x1440 video card recommendation

Tue Jan 13 07:22:35 UTC 2015
Elvinas Piliponis <Elvinas.Piliponis at virtustream.com>


Pr, 2015 01 12 10:57 -0600, Frank Cox rašė:

Can someone recommend a video card that's capable of driving a monitor at 2560x1600 or 2560x1440 and just works with Centos 7 without requiring any outside video drivers?
I would prefer to stay with the built-in video drivers that are included with Centos 7 if possible; I don't play games and such,

I suppose any decent (not latest!) card with known good open source drivers should handle such resolutions. Even Intel integrated GPU degenerates can handle big dpi screens if sufficient video out connector is provided.

So, IMHO, first you need to ensure that your selected monitor and video card is technically able to work at high resolution. For example some cards are able to work in 2560x1440 resolution only over DisplayPort but not over HDMI or DSub. Also some monitors can show 2560x1440 resolutions only at low framerate, i.e. refresh should be as low as 30Hz. Which I believe means no 3D video for you as it does require double the frame rate of the video frame rate.

so I'm not looking for high performance 3D -- I just want a high resolution desktop.

Well this CAN be a problem. Most of current mainstream Linux desktops uses 3D accelaration output to provide desktop. So decent OpenGL accelleration might be a requirement. Which in case of huge desktop means laggy user interface if 3D is not working properly. I remember having this issue in a VM, where 3D acceleration is not available usually.

Unfortunately cannot say anything specific about hardware selection as still happy with my Lenovo L220 at 1920x1200 or double Dell at 1680x1050.

Thank you
Elvinas Piliponis

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