[CentOS] Documentation link on new Firefox CentOS 7 splash screen

Mon Jan 19 11:12:08 UTC 2015
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 01/18/2015 09:55 PM, Peter wrote:
> On 01/19/2015 10:51 AM, Tim wrote:
>> Just my two cents: Anyone thought of asking Red Hat to use 
>> documentation? I think they are getting much from the community so
>> to copy public accessible documentation when permitted by RH could be
>> an easy way.
>> Why not giving that a try?
> There's no need to ask them, they've already given permission:
>> Copyright © 2014 Red Hat, Inc.
>> This document is licensed by Red Hat under the Creative Commons
>> Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you distribute this
>> document, or a modified version of it, you must provide attribution
>> to Red Hat, Inc. and provide a link to the original. If the document
>> is modified, all Red Hat trademarks must be removed.
> I'd say that's good enough.

It is good enough to take the Documentation and start taking out their
trademarks, etc.

And editing content too .. anything that is talking about RHN (for
example) is NA.

The bottom line is, if you want to use the Red Hat documentation it is
is good as a reference, but it is not totally applicable.  You know
where to find it.  But as CentOS is community supported, the community
can (and should) take the documentation and turn it into CentOS specific

The CentOS project can facilitate an area in git that can be used for
this and the centos-docs mailing list can be used as well.

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