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Thu Jan 22 12:22:31 UTC 2015
Darren Williams <D.Williams2 at bradford.ac.uk>

Thanks for the reply.

The idea of using a VHD(X) was to enable use to use disk imaging tools such as ghost, wds etc to deploy images of this type of system to over 500 machines. 

We have not found an imaging solutions that can image and deploy via multicast a system set up in the standard way you describe. 


Darren Williams

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On 01/21/15 04:30, Darren Williams wrote:
> Hi ALL,
> Sorry for this if it is a stupid question, but:
> Is it possible to native boot centos from a VHD/VHDX file in a similar way to Windows 8.1?
> I am hoping to dual 'native' boot Windows 8.1 and CentOS; but then I want to Image the disk to deploy it to other classroom machines.
> Any help advice would be appreciated.
> I've had an unsuccessful play with easybcd's neogrub; and I have a working CentOS VM in Hyper-V - but it's the native boot I'm really interested in.
> Regards
> Darren
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Hey Darren,

Perhaps I'm not understanding your needs but I have to ask why you are not setting up a normal dual boot system where you install Windows first on half your hard drive, then CentOS on the other half?  That would give you two systems with native boot ability.  When you have that set up and running you could clone that disk for the other machines in the computer lab.

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