[CentOS] Intel Displayport on Centos 7

Sat Jan 31 19:19:14 UTC 2015
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 1/31/2015 10:34 AM, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
> I see that single link DVI supports up to WQUXGA (3,840 × 2,400) @ 17 Hz
> (164 MHz) whereas dual link DVI supports up to WQUXGA (3,840 × 2,400) @ 33
> Hz with GTF blanking (2 × 159 MHz)

those numbers seem wrong to me.   nothing I've ever seen uses 17hz or 
33hz refresh, its all pretty much 60Hz in LCD flat panel land.

single link DVI goes up to 1920x1200 in practice, and dual link up to 
2560x1600.   so-called '4K', really 3840x2160, requires DisplayPort, or 
HDMI 2.0  (1.4 supports 4K at 30Hz only).

there's actually something like 5 possible DVI combinations. DVI-D is 
digital only (no analog/VGA output).  DVI-A is analog only (really just 
VGA with a different connector, I've never seen this in the real 
world).  DVI-I is both analog and digital in parallel on the same 
connector.    either of the digital formats can be single or dual link.

DisplayPort really only exists because HDMI is license encumbered, and 
the PC people didn't want to have to pay those royalties.

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