[CentOS] 7.1 install with Areca arc-1224

Sun Jul 5 16:17:22 UTC 2015
linush at verizon.net <linush at verizon.net>

I must be doing something horribly wrong and I hope somebody can help.

The Areca arc-1224 is not supported by the Areca driver included driver in 7.1 so I have to supply that when starting the install. Documentation provided by Areca and in the Red Hat install guide say the same thing, put the driver on an accessible medium then append inst.dd on the boot command, choose the driver and now the drives show up. So far so good.

There's already a possible glitch, however. The USB memory stick is mounted as sda1, shifting the hard drives off by one letter.

So I break into the shell and partition the drives the way I want them, go back to the GUI installer and select the drives I want to use, assign mount points and formatting options. Done with that, configure the network and disable kdump.

Start the installation. Give it a root password.

Install completes, reboot. Only it won't boot. Boot the DVD again, use troubleshooting with rescue option, again providing the new Areca driver. Tell it to mount my install under /mnt/sysimage. Look around a bit, there's almost nothing I expect to see in /boot, there's no kernel image. Do chroot /mnt/sysimage and query the RPM database, I see kernel-devel, kernel-headers and kernel-tools-libs. Hmmm, I'll bet that's a problem.

What the heck??

I actually did try copying the kernel and a few other required RPMs into a directory inside the chroot jail, install them and that worked fine, so I know those bits on the DVD are good.

Someone please tell me what I did to screw this thing up so badly.