[CentOS] Bonds & Bridge best practices

Thu Jul 9 04:36:18 UTC 2015
Jatin Davey <jashokda at cisco.com>

Hi All

I have two bond interfaces namely, bond0 and bond1. bond0 has two 
ethernet interfaces associated with it and bond1 also has two ethernet 
interfaces associated with it.

Now i create a bridge interface namely br20 (20 being the VLAN) and 
assign it a IP Address , subnet mask and the default gateway. I will use 
this IP to reach the server. So it is like a management bridge for me. 
Secondly this bridge is associated with the bond0.20

Can i create another bridge namely cr20 ( 20 being the VLAN ) on the 
bond1 interface ? This bridge does not have any ip address associated 
with it. I just want to use it for guest VMs.

Is this the correct way to configure ?