[CentOS] CentOS 7.1 doesn't seem to have a functional default pdf reader installed (interesting)

Wed Jul 15 01:23:19 UTC 2015
Kenneth Wolcott <kennethwolcott at gmail.com>


  This is the first time that I've installed CentOS 7.1 with a GUI
(I've just used a CLI previously).

  I'd like to read a pdf file and I don't see any pdf reader
applications installed by default.

  This seems unusual to me.  So I see that gs is installed, but it
doesn't really work very well for me as I can't seem to scroll to the
next page.

  So what pdf reader application should I install (preferably open
source) that will install itself to the menu along with Shotwell?  It
looks like Gnome desktop.

Ken Wolcott