[CentOS] wicd problem 0: i have started having problems wicd and network connections

Mon Jul 27 04:18:57 UTC 2015
g <geleem at bellsouth.net>


         CentOS = 6.6 - current updates
            KDE = 4.3.4
Network Manager = 0.8.1
           wicd = 1.7.0 (bzr-r552)

from what i have read in threads, it appears that 'wicd' is recommended
network controller over 'network manager'.

because of this, i installed wicd and tried to use.

i find this strange because i see problems when using 'wicd'.

in attempt to understand what and where problem may be, i have tried
various ways of checking for problem.

to post what i have found, i am posting in 6 parts to hopefully make
it easier for help in troubleshooting by breaking down what i have

comments and suggestions most welcome.



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CentOS GNU/Linux 6.6