[CentOS] wicd problem 1: wicd allows network to be connected on reboot

Mon Jul 27 04:19:36 UTC 2015
g <geleem at bellsouth.net>


i find this strange because i see problems when using 'wicd'.

1st problem is that wicd allows network to be connected on reboot, even
when network is disconnected at time of reboot.

such does not seem to be good because i leave system up 24/7/365 and if
there is a mains failure and ups takes system down, system will come back
up with network connected, which i prefer not to have happen.

is there a way to set up 'wicd' so that it does not start connected?

a 2nd problem i see with 'wicd' is in post "Subject: wicd problem";

    2: wicd does not sync when ifconfig commands are given from a terminal


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