[CentOS] OT - parted guidance

Fri Jul 31 14:19:16 UTC 2015
Ken Smith <kens at kensnet.org>

Hi All, Slightly OT as this is on a Centos 6 system

I'm getting the fdisk message "partition does not start on a physical 
sector boundary" on a 4096 sector disk. I understand why this has happened.

I just want to be sure of my parted syntax before I really mess things 
up. (before anyone says it - I know - do a backup)

parted says that the offending partition 5 begins at 512 byte sector no. 
462999615. Its the first partition in the extended partition that begins 
at 462999552.

If I just want to move the partition back to the nearest 4096 boundary, 
which is 462999608, would the syntax be

unit s
move 5 462999608

Will parted sort itself out copying sector nos 462999615 to 462999608 
and then 462999616 to 462999609 and on an on? Or will it not cope with 
jiggling the partition down the disk by 7 sectors?



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