[CentOS] What causes phantom update nags?

Thu Jul 2 17:20:31 UTC 2015
Kay Schenk <kay.schenk at gmail.com>

On 07/02/2015 03:11 AM, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 7/1/2015 2:35 PM, Kay Schenk wrote:
>> OK, here ya go --
>> Obsoleting Packages
>> perl-IO-Compress.noarch 2.052-1.el6.rfx rpmforge-extras
>> perl-IO-Compress-Bzip2.i686 2.021-136.el6_6.1 @updates
>> perl-IO-Compress.noarch 2.052-1.el6.rfx rpmforge-extras
>> perl-Compress-Zlib.i686 2.021-136.el6_6.1 @updates
>> perl-IO-Compress.noarch 2.052-1.el6.rfx rpmforge-extras
>> perl-IO-Compress-Base.i686 2.021-136.el6_6.1 @updates
>> perl-IO-Compress.noarch 2.052-1.el6.rfx rpmforge-extras
>> perl-IO-Compress-Zlib.i686 2.021-136.el6_6.1 @updates
> rpmforge née RepoForge is not being updated much anymore and is no
> longer a 'good' repository.  for an example perl-IO-Compress hasn't been
> updated since 2012.    anyways, perl-IO-Compress-Bzip2 is part of base 
> in el6.
> I would uninstall any packages you need that are from rpmforge, remove
> that repo from your repos.d and find equivalent packages in a better
> supported repository.
> this should list any RepoForge packages that are already installed on
> your system...
>     rpm -qa |egrep \\.rf

Yes, I did see this warning on CentOS wiki re RPMForge but decided to
use it anyway. But how does this relate to the problem? I DO NOT even
have perl-IO-Compress installed. Mostly I figured this was a repository
entanglement problem, but I didn't know why. I mean why do I keep
getting messages about updating something I don't have installed.


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