[CentOS] Gracefully powering off system in case of power failure

Sat Jul 4 06:57:22 UTC 2015
g <geleem at bellsouth.net>

On 07/04/15 01:27, Jatin Davey wrote:

> In case of power failure on this server , how can i make the system to 
> shutdown gracefully so that it unmounts the file-system and cleans up 
> the required buffers.
> My server does have a battery backup so it will help in shutting down 
> the system more gracefully.

use what is already packaged for centos:

  apcupsd - apc ups
  nut - network ups tools

apcupsd is designed to run with apc brand ups.

nut is designed to run with apc and other brands.

both monitor ups and will shut system down via shutdown command.

i use apcupsd on my system with an apc back-ups rs 800 and have never
had problems.

during a 5 day power outage, i had change config so i could run system
when i used a gas powered generator to supply mains and voltage would
drop to a low of around 90 v.



peace out.

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