[CentOS] SATA adapter recommendation

Mon Jul 27 16:29:45 UTC 2015
g <geleem at bellsouth.net>

On 07/27/15 10:06, Bowie Bailey wrote:
> I have an old computer running CentOS 5.  I need to add an SATA drive to 
> it, but it doesn't have any ports, so I need an add-on card.  The board 
> only has a 32-bit PCI slot.  Any recommendations on cards/brands that 
> work well with CentOS?  I don't need any raid capabilities, I just need 
> a couple of SATA connections.
i hope certain others will excuse my reply to you OT post.

instead of a pci slot board, i purchased a board that is an ide/pata to
dual sata converter.

card connects to ribbon cable dip connector on main board, giving 2 sata
connections. works great.

an inet search for 'ide/pata to sata converter' will give plenty of hits.

card i purchased;


card is available thru many computer accessory suppliers which one will
find with web search of "ide/pata to sata".

> Thanks,



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