[CentOS] Fedora change that will probably affect RHEL

Wed Jul 29 11:00:02 UTC 2015
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>

Chris Murphy wrote:

>>> No, I am making the assumption that the vast majority of CentOS installs
>>> are racked up in datacenters, VPS hosts, etc.

>> Is that true, I wonder?
>> For some reason Fedora and CentOS seem reluctant to find out anything
>> about their users (or what their users want).

> This is confusing. I think it's overwhelmingly, abundantly clear that
> Fedora care about their users and are listening. CentOS cares with a
> hard and fast upper limit which is binary compatibility with RHEL. So
> if you want to change CentOS behavior you'd have to buy into RHEL and
> convince Red Hat, and then it'd trickle down to CentOS.

You (and others) are misunderstanding my off-the-cuff remark.
It was purely an observation about the lack of statistics.
I rarely if ever see a statement of the kind
  "Among Fedora users 37% use KDE and 42% Gnome".
Or (after the remark I was responding to)
  "83% of CentOS machines are in datacenters, and 7% are home-servers".
(Or "x% of Fedora users have turned SELinux to permissive".)

I'm not saying that Fedora or CentOS should work on democratic principles.
I welcome Johnny Hughes unambiguous statement that CentOS follows RHEL.
This saves a lot of time arguing about things that cannot be changed.

But I hold the (old-fashioned?) view that before expressing an opinion
one should get the facts.

Timothy Murphy  
gayleard /at/ eircom.net
School of Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublin