[CentOS] Redistributing pre-installed CentOS

Mon Jun 1 02:16:08 UTC 2015
Matt <matt at mattlantis.com>

Hello List,

I've got a project that will involve distributing pre-configured CentOS 
servers to customer sites. No packages have been modified, and it's a 
pretty straightforward content caching server. The packages are all 
from CentOS repositories, nginx from EPEL, and Puppet packages from 
Puppet Labs.

The only shell on these boxes is pretty locked down however, and I know 
some licenses, like Apache for example, require displaying the license.

Any tips on the least cumbersome way to avoid violating any of the 
involved licenses? I remember many years ago, I think Debian had a 
command to display various licenses in a consolidated way. Is there a 
similar facility available, or a page we could link to?