[CentOS] why network interface had same mac address in pxe mode

Mon Jun 1 15:14:47 UTC 2015
Firxiaowork <firxiaowork at gmail.com>

Hi all:
        when I reinstall os by cobbler on the machine which two network interfaces config to bond mode=0, and system is centos 7.1 ,
       I saw this error:
       https://github.com/cobbler/cobbler/issues/1478 <https://github.com/cobbler/cobbler/issues/1478>
         finally,  I unplug one network interface and pxe work well !
         what I confuseed is  why  network interfaces  do not restore to original  mac  in pxe mode   ?
         why the two network interfaces has same mac address even on pxe mode? 
         what can trigger this problem ?

thank you