[CentOS] how do I make my headset work

Fri Jun 5 17:22:47 UTC 2015
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On 06/05/2015 01:05 PM, Michael Hennebry wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Jun 2015, g wrote:
>> features;
>>   http://web.audacityteam.org/about/features
> I just got it from an epel repository,
> but it caused problems with yum.
> If I install it, I guess I'll have to do it from source.

There is a good audacity package in nux-dextop.  I use it very 
frequently for audio production.  The repo is at li.nux.ro; just make 
sure you use the one for your particular version of CentOS.