[CentOS] newbie question on installation over existing Linux

Mon Jun 8 06:05:52 UTC 2015
g <geleem at bellsouth.net>

On 06/07/2015 07:25 PM, Kay Schenk wrote:

> So, I'm not sure how to interpret what you said. Can I get the same
> results from a CentOS install using some combination of options?

because your are playing with multi flavors,
 [i bet you like going to baskin-robbins for ice cream ;-) ]
a solution for you would be what i did some years back and i was
playing with diff flavors, my "/home" partition was mounted in
new install as /home2 and i let installation setup a /home in /.

after install and booting it, as root i moved the newly created
"user" home to the /home2 directory, renamed it to the 'user-flavor',
then linked that back into the install /home and renamed it to
"username" and changed ownership to "user"

which then gave me:

/home/username --> /home2/user-flavor

so that in /home2 i had:


i hope you can see how i did this. i am of terse thinking and
do not always go into detail enough.


peace out.

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