[CentOS] Resize KVM NTFS file system

Mon Jun 8 07:06:11 UTC 2015
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 06/07/2015 09:01 PM, Darr247 wrote:
> I tend to disagree with that advice...
> I would recommend http://gparted.org/livecd.php over the microsoft-supplied
> tools, in a heartbeat.

Why?  If you use gparted (ntfsprogs, under the covers, IIRC), the system 
will chkdsk on the next boot.  No such requirement exists with 
Microsoft's tools.

> If I recall correctly, the disk management tool in the windows MMC won't
> resize the partition it's running from, by the way.

You do not recall correctly.