[CentOS] NetworkManager / wireless on latest Centos7 installs

Tue Jun 9 11:27:14 UTC 2015
johan.vermeulen7 at telenet.be <johan.vermeulen7 at telenet.be>

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Onderwerp: [CentOS] NetworkManager / wireless on latest Centos7 installs

Hello All, 

on the latest installs I've done, on 2 different types of Latitude laptops, with 3 different wireless cars, of Centos7 and Mate desktop, 
it looks to me like NetworkManager is nog managing wireless. 
When clicking the nm icon in the top right corner, I'm not seeing access points. 

Wifi seems enabled 

[root at localhost ~]# nmcli g 
connected full enabled enabled enabled enabled 

but unmanaged 
[root at localhost ~]# nmcli d 
enp0s25 ethernet connected enp0s25 
lo loopback unmanaged -- 
wlp12s0 wifi unmanaged -- 

I always start from a minimal install. 
Then I install X Window packages, and Mate 

The only difference I can think of, is that I now installed from Centos7.1 minimal install media, and before from Centos7 DVD. 
But there I also select minimal install. 

How can I change this? 

Greetings, Johan 

and that is indeed the case.

When installing from Centos7 DVD, I end up with wireless managed by NetworkManager
When I install form the more recent 7.1 minimal install media ( not sure of the exact name ) I end up with wireless not managed
by NetworkManager.

Further, for as long as I can remember, I always try to get rid of gnome keyring by renaming:

mv /usr/bin/gnome-keyring /usr/bin/gnome-keyring.bak
mv /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-3 /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-3.bak
mv /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon.bak

but now this is preventing me from connecting to wireless networks.

Greetings, Johan

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