[CentOS] C5 : Firefox 38 bug

Sat Jun 13 19:07:33 UTC 2015
jd1008 <jd1008 at gmail.com>

On 06/12/2015 12:58 PM, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> On 06/13/2015 09:55 AM, jd1008 wrote:
>> The most offensive problems of using browsers is that
>> they do not tell you nor ask your permission when javascripts
>> spy on your entire storage contents.
> Neither javascript nor Java applets can access the local filesystem. 
> Applets launched by JNLP can do so, but that involves a pop-up that 
> asks the user's permission.
>> He said the "sandbox" is the entire storage on your computer.
> Misunderstandings do happen in natural language.
He stated NO misunderstanding.
I think you are simply repeating you have learned
NOT by actually knowing the code and implemetation
the way the developer of the product knew it. Your info
is both dated and part of the marketing blurbs.

2 marketing execs are talking with each other.
Which one of them is lying?

The one whose lips are moving.