[CentOS] NUX Skype for Linux

Wed Jun 17 12:35:23 UTC 2015
Virilha <centos at cheiraminhavirilha.com>

generic way to find where something is being called, if you known the  
name of that something:

enter as your user in terminal:

# su - youruser
$ grep -irs skype . | less

now just need to parse the output, find where its being called  
(probably .X?? or .x?? or .gnome??), remove it.


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> I had cause to install the Skype for Linux package from the NUX repo.
> I discover that this package is configured to automatically start
> Skype whenever one logs on to the Gnome desktop.  This behaviour I do
> not wish.  However, there seems to be no option in Skype to turn that
> 'feature' off. Is there any way to disable this in Gnome or elsewhere?
> I will be removing Skype shortly when the present need for it passes
> but I do not wish this thing automatically starting in the meantime.
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