[CentOS] using rsync to sync desktop /home/user of to laptop /home/user

Thu Jun 18 13:44:56 UTC 2015
g <geleem at bellsouth.net>

please excuse delay in replying. life does have it's priorities

On 06/17/2015 04:15 AM, Antonio S. Martins Jr. wrote:

> Well,
>    First try to hold in the same OS version on both, this will
> easy things :D

this is true.

both are 6.6 and as of 2015-0516 both are updated to release

>    IMHO, filter the dirs for firefox, thunderbird, etc... and
> try to sync only your docs and desktop info!

this is true also and main of what i will need to sync, which i
intended to run from a script to work with paths in ~/ for:

  .mozilla, .thunderbird, Audio, Documents, Downloads, Graphics,
  Personal, Pictures, Public, scripts, TV, Videos, WWW.

>    You can try syncing all and see what happens :D

could, but not. building common ~/ for and then rsync/ssh took long
enough. ;-)

i found the file for screen info by opening

 system settings > display > size & orientation

making a change to 'lvds' setting, then running from .kde

  ]$ find . -amin 1 -print

then restored to, size: 1366x768(auto) refresh: 60hz, which is to

i still have a problem, horizontal tearing of screen while desktop is
loading and centos banner is showing and varies each time. so i need
to go back under the config directory to find what other files may
need to be tweaked. or may be due to video chip being ati and may not
be correct one loading.

just one more reason i like computers with linux os. i get to play
and increase my knowledge. ((GBWG))

strange thing about that file,


peace out.

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