[CentOS] Recording piano and voice

Tue Jun 23 21:26:19 UTC 2015
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 6/23/2015 2:05 PM, Frank Cox wrote:
> I'll have to dig out the manual for my piano and do a bit of reading to see what's really going on with those plugs and whatnot.  The only thing I've ever plugged into it so far is headphones.

if you can plug in headphones, then you can plug it into a computer 
line-in jack with a suitable cable, just set the headphone volume on the 
piano for about 60-70% of full range, thats a good approximation of 1V 
P-P line input.

make sure the piano is plugged into the same power strip or wall outlet 
as the computer to minimize potential for ground loop hum/buzz on your 

now, if you're going to be doing a /lot/ of this, and want to be able to 
do it in realtime (playing while reading), getting a little mixer panel, 
with an XLR microphone and integral digital recorder (typically 
recording to an SD card), might be useful.   something like....

that 2nd one is a pocket sized digital audio recorder with integral 
stereo microphones and line input, it will record 4 tracks (stereo mics, 
stereo line in) concurrently directly to an SD card, you can then edit 
the audio files in audacity or whatever to clean them up and balance the 
levels, etc.    the recordings will also be much higher fidelity and 
cleaner sounding than most any PC sound card inputs.

john r pierce, recycling bits in santa cruz