[CentOS] LVM hatred, was Re: /boot on a separate partition?

Sun Jun 28 22:47:36 UTC 2015
Bob Marcan <bob.marcan at gmail.com>

On Wed, 24 Jun 2015 14:06:19 -0500
Chris Adams <linux at cmadams.net> wrote:

> Now, if btrfs ever gets all the kinks worked out (and has a stable
> "fsck" for the corner cases), it integrates volume management into the
> filesystem, which makes some of the management easier.  I used AdvFS on
> DEC/Compaq/HP Tru64 Unix, which had some of that, and it made some of
> this easier/faster/smoother.  Btrfs may eventually obsolete a lot of
> uses of LVM, but that's down the road.

AdvFS uses a relatively advanced concept of a storage pool (called a file domain) and of logical file systems (called file sets). A file domain is composed of any number of block devices, which could be partitions, LVM or LSM devices. 

I really miss this.
BR, Bob