[CentOS] CPAN issues

Tue Jun 30 20:12:18 UTC 2015
Kahlil Hodgson <kahlil.hodgson at dealmax.com.au>

​From what I can see there you are running cpan as root and installing it
under a local lib /root/perl5. The new cpan executable is is under
/root/perl5/bin/. Thats probably not in your path? Also the modules under
/root/perl5/lib/perl5 are probably not in your module search path.

There is a lot of what your are doing here that is either unsafe or unwise.

Before we go into that, could we step back a bit and discus your
environment and what you are trying to achieve. Specifically, why you feel
the need to upgrade CPAN at a system level?  There may be a better way to
solve the underlying issue.